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Full complex of marketing support for your company in Russia. We guarantee quality, lowest prices and our responsibility for each carried out order.
We proud of what we do for our clients.



We will provide you with a full complex services for exhibition you plan to participate in. Starting from booth design and construction up to organization of your arrival in Russia.

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We produce a lot of interactive touch-screen products for advertising and promo purposes ...



Creative design services. You give us the information, and we will prompt idea!



All you need to support your products in Russia.



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Full complex of Exhibition services in Russia (for foreign companies)Full complex of Exhibition services in Russia (for foreign companies)

Exhibitions of the foreign companies in Russia

Participation in any exhibition – very difficult problem. Especially, when you are not familiar with realities of Russian exhibition business. Xport MEDIA is engaged in service for the foreign companies for a long time and successfully. 

For foreigners participation in an exhibition in Moscow or any other city of Russia or CIS is 10 times more difficult, but we incur all arising additional difficulties.

Stand modelling
Having studied marketing stuff of the client, we will offer few kinds of design and constructional decisions on a choice. Our experience allows us to provide everything that is important, because there can be no possibility to make changes. As soon as one of designs will be confirmed – the client can easy do his own job and let us do ours.

Certification question is a headache of stand building in Russia. In case of our clients – our headache. The bureaucratic system in Russia leaves much to be desired, but our experience allows us to co-operate with it easily and we always get what we want. Therefore all the documents and certificates – from fire safety to chemical, will be confirmed in corresponding instances and will receive corresponding certificates.

All constructional elements are searched, bought or made by us. Complexity has no value. In our century it is possible to make everything, and we know everybody who does it qualitatively (if we're not able to produce something). Stand test – trial assemblage, check and adjustment of all electronics is conducted.

All promo materials in Russian language
You certainly will bring your promo stuff - brochures, catalogues and other information about your services or products. It would much more efficient to use materials in Russian language.
If you send us your brochures and catalogues in due time we will translate them into Russian and print in any quantity. We have own printing house, by the way.

Hotel booking and concierge service
It is an important thing. For example, at the well-known and popular Russian exhibitions you will have to book hotels and transport for the client and visitors for many days prior to visit! Booking the best hotels, providing you with any transport is a part of our complex service.
If you wish, we will find you the translator and concierge who will organize your time during your visit to Russia.

Transportation and customs
Transportation of cargo (acceptance), unloading, dialogue with customs house will also be done by us in due time. The size of cargo has no value – the decision will be found and embodied.

Catering services
Each successful businessman knows that exhibition cannot be without drinks, food, etc. We provide catering services as well. The catering can pass in any form – from a buffet – to smart bars with the best waiters.

We will solve all questions of hiring and personnel clothes. We will involve for work at your stand anyybody – from opera singers to promo-models from the best agencies, if it is required. We will train the personnel.
Also we will provide you with the translator and we will give him (her) all the necessary introduction data

Additional advertising activity
At will of the client, we will organise any promo-activity during the exhibition. From sponsorship of separate presentations – to performance of well known artists.
If necessary we will agree with organizers of an exhibition about additional advertising surfaces on exhibition territory.

… and, as a result, dazzling success
As you can see, the professional approach is an experience and the full complex proposal. And the good combination of experience and the complex service is Xport MEDIA.

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